I often get requests to do certain types of art for people. Here are some of the most common commissions, and examples of artwork from those categories. I really enjoy doing commission work, so don’t hesitate to ask!


Pet Portraits

Pets are one of my favorite subjects for painting because they always have so much personality, and are a valuable addition to the homes of pet parents. I am a pet parent myself, so I feel all of the feels when I create a new image of my beloved pet children.


Personality Portraits

During my years as an art teacher, I have had the pleasure of getting to know many children, and adults who just really want to be kids again. In this series I have discovered that illustrating someones personality, and then their reaction when they receive it-is just one of the best feelings. People often gift these to friends and family.


Doodle Blobs

They are not only my favorite thing, but they are also easy to customize! I do these in all ranges of sizes and colors, and have an endless amount of options thanks to our good friend- Nature.