Older Artwork

Here we have some of my older pieces- many of which have influenced the work I still make now. I am very fond of my older work and think it is just as relavent to share as my current work. Enjoy!

Watercolor Women

In College, I created a series of watercolor women, representing the strength and dynamism of the female form coupled with the wonder of nature.


The Wimberely Boot

I was fortunate enough to be able to paint a boot for the "Bootiful Wimberely" Program.  It is located in Wimberely, Texas. It is titled "Sisterhood," and is currently located right on the Wimberely square which is a vibrant arts and shopping getaway in the Texas Hill Country. Here is a process gallery with the final result.


Older Illustrations

I have a current passion for illustration, but here are a few of my past works- just for fun!